Hidden corners in Brussels

Jazzy Station

The Jazz Station is located in an old neo-Renaissance Flemish train station. The train station itself was built in 1885 and is a charming, historical and quirky place. The train tracks are still visible and the facade is built in a typical Belgian red-brick style, which in itself is really beautiful. This very special venue hosts many interesting events like concerts, jam sessions and even conferences about jazz but also events for different audiences.

52 and the Secret Garden

Behind the number 52 of chaussée de Vleurgat lies an enchanting garden that is well-hidden. You only know which bell to ring from a small sign that can be seen through a window. For sure, you’ll not just walk into the secret garden of 52 just as you would stumble into just any restaurant.


After having booked, Alessio will welcome you just the way he would welcome you into his own home. Before you arrive in the garden, you’ll spot a small room decorated simply but indeed in a charming way and you’ll have to go through the kitchen. Once you are in the secret garden, you won’t feel like you are in Brussels anymore, as its atmosphere is really calming.

The canal district (Nur Gül)

There are many peaceful parts of the town and one of them is the Canal District. This place is perfect for relaxed walks. Near the canal there are some attractions like the MIMA Museum which is a cultural highlight in the neighborhood or like the Statue of a stumbling Agent 15. The canal is surrounded by colored pinwheels and urban art. Also, many projects are organized there and more new projects are coming up.

Black Tower, St. Catherine’s church

The Black Tower was built in the early 13th century and it is one of the best conserved medieval towers in Brussels. The tower is surrounded by modern buildings which makes it special because it looks like a relic of a fairy tale. It is one of the remaining towers of the fortifications that once encircled Brussels. After some modifications of the fortifications in the 14th century the Black Tower was no longer needed and it became a private residence. This could be one of the reasons why the building is still intact today.

The Royal Library of Belgium Café

Both locals and visitors to Brussels would typically stop by at the historic Mont des Art / Kunstberg (“Mount of the Arts”) that features one of the most gorgeous views of Brussels. However, very few people know of the existence of this terrace on the rooftop of the Royal Library of Belgium just a few steps away. This terrace is a well-kept secret and proves that Brussels is a city full of little gems that one has to discover on their own. There’s nothing that’s keeping you from seeing the terrace, you just need to get there.


Enter the National Library, admire the old typographers as you walk up the stairs and take the elevator up to the 5th floor.

Large glass windows of the indoor space let plenty of light in and offer a fine view of the buildings at the Grand Place. In the back though lies a sunny terrace overlooking the Palais de Justice dome. There won’t be a fancy menu or speedy service, it’s about enjoying the view in a calm and beautiful setting.

The comic strip route

Comics are very well known in Brussels. There are 50 walls that are painted with famous comics. All of them can be found along the Comic strip route. It features paintings of the famous comics “Tim und Struppi”, “Lucky Luke” and many more. Keep your eyes open. You cannot miss them when walking the streets of central Brussels because they are absolutely huge. If you want to take the images back home, there is a book titled Brussels, the Comic Strip Capital which is available at the comic museum and in tourist shops. It contains all the comics of the comic strip route.

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