Port Day / Antwerp / March 11, 2020

Today we started earlier than the two days before. We were all pretty tired, so nearly everybody fell asleep during the train ride to Antwerp. Right at the train station we were picked up by a guide. Then we started our private tour of the port of Antwerp. We saw a sheer endless number of factories and store houses, even a nuclear power plant. We found out a lot about the development of the port and the origin of the city. In fact, our guide has been working as a haulier at the port since he was 14 years old, he told us a lot about the ships and the containers. One fact is that the city is even bigger than the capital city, Brussels. We visited a small village called Lillo near the port. We found out that Napoleon made a fortress out of it. It wasn’t the only small village that was used for the defence against the United Kingdom. Then we went back into the city where we had time to eat lunch. After the break we went to the Red Star Line Museum. It was very interesting, we found out a lot about the how European emigrants left for America through Antwerp. There were a lot of stories about the emigrants. Also, we enjoyed a breath-taking view from the tower of the museum. After that caught the train back home. After all, the day was pretty good, and we think Antwerp is even more beautiful than Brussels. Even though the weather wasn’t very good, we had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to tomorrow when we will visit Ghent.

Klemens, Dragan

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